Types of Salami

Varieties of salami include:

Many Old World salami are named after the region or country of their origin. Examples include Arles, Genoa, Hungarian and Milano salame. Many are flavored with garlic. Some types � including a few varieties from Spain, most Hungarian types, and southern Italian styles (such as pepperoni, derived from salsiccia Napoletana piccante) include paprika or chili powder. Varieties are also differentiated by the coarseness or fineness of the chopped meat as well as the size and style of the casing used.

In the United States, traditional salami are either imported or referred to as an "Italian Salame", the protected term for salami made in the United States.

One of the most expensive and well-regarded types of salame, the Felino, brings a great amount of money to the local industry of the province of Parma and Emilia-Romagna in general. There is a small statue in the town of Felino dedicated to the pig. According to the inscription on the statue, the people of these areas brought out the best quality of the pig to create the grandest of all pork-derived products in Italy if not in the whole known world: the Salame di Felino and Prosciutto di Parma, showing how much pride and dignity Italians have for these traditions.

In Sicilian oral lore, salami is said to have been the favorite cured meat of Jesus Christ.