About This Website

This site was designed by VA Roper who, incidentally, has a lovely website located here. She also runs an occasionally humorous and frequently delicious food blog at tastyniblets.com.

The GNU Free Documentation License is linked from this website as anything that's actually informative is copied and pasted from Wikipedia.com, whose information is far more descriptive then anything the founders of Salami Day could ever have come up with.

As for the Salami Day party ideas, they were all painstakingly thought up and placed lovingly upon this website. None (minus the plush salami) have actually been tried yet, but we at Salamiday.com encourage anyone who does try any of these ideas to email us some pictures!

On a final note, Salami Day is meant to be both a humorous holiday as well as a tasty one. We do not wish to disrespect any who may hold their salamis in a more serious light (as salami indeed has a rich history), and apologise if any offense has been taken. However, it must be acknowledged that there is something absolutely hilarious about meat in a tube, and this fact simply demands celebration.