Past Celebrations: Pictures and Archives

Salami Day 2009:

Who needs bacon on a burger when you can have salami?

little salami

Salami Day is fun for the whole family!

little salami

Cheesesteak with salami, yum!

little salami

Thumbs up for salami!

little salami

Salami Day 2008:

A group of us in Richmond, VA went out on the town for Salami Day to Patrick Henry Pub and Grill, whereupon much salami was eaten. Along for the ride were the party favors, aka a little plush salami for everyone.

little salami

Much meat was consumed that evening, be it in sausage form or salami form!


Some of us added on salami to sandwiches that didn't initially come with it, making them that much better. This delicious sandwich was actually vegetarian until a few slices of salami were deftly stashed away inside!

cheese sandwich with salami

And what better to top a burger with then salami?


Here's a nice shot of everyone's salami-intensive sandwiches, plus some plush salamis frolicking about.


A group shot of the Richmond, VA chapter of the Salami Appreciation Society!

Group shot

One of our founding members also did a brief interview about Salami Day with Good Day Sacramento!

Salami Day 2007:

Salami day picture 1

Everyone loves a good piece of salami!

Salami day picture 2

A jumbo salami and cheese sandwich!

Salami day picture 3