Make Your Own Plush Salami

Lets face it, who out there hasn't longed for their own plush salami to cuddle with on those cold September evenings? Well, here is your opportunity to make your very own salami, except instead of being stuffed with meat, it's stuffed with love! Err, that and polyester.

First, your materials


Out of your average sock, you should be able to get two salamis. First, cut off the toe. Then cut the sock in half around the heel area and trim so that each half, when laying flat, forms a rectangle.

Fabric salami casing

Next, get one of your pieces of wire. Scrunch up one end of the sock and wrap the piece of wire around it. Using the pliers to tighten, continue wrapping the wire, then push the end pieces into the fabric, underneath the coil. This way the end pieces aren't at risk of accidentally tearing at anything (or anyone).

Wrapping the wires

Fill the tube with stuffing, filling it but not packing it too tightly, so there there's a little space left at the end of the tube.

Stuffing the salami

Scrunch up the other end of the sock. Using the other piece of wire, along with the pliers, wrap the wire around the end and secure the ends of the wire.

Roll the salami back and forth a bit in your hands, to even out the shape of the stuffing.

The salami is complete, now it needs some personality! Using your fabric paint, draw a face.

You can repeat this process with the other half of your sock, and you'll have a new set of plush salami friends, all ready for salami day!

Plush salami friends!